Teatro del Milenio

Teatro del Milenio is a cultural association dedicated (since 1992) to the research and promotion of an artistic approach identified within the Peruvian culture claiming in particular the contributions of the Afro-Peruvian people to Peru’s national identity.
Teatro del Milenio consists of more than 20 professionals with diverse backgrounds, who work in different artistic fields such as theater, music, dance and vocals.
In its artistic proposals, Teatro del Milenio not only addresses the historical process of the population in the country of African origin, but they turn Afro-Peruvian cultural expressions, such as rhythm and music into the protagonists of their shows.
Their most notable works are Noche de Negros, Karibú, Kimba Fá, La Ciudad Suena, and Suena Barrio.  The public also identifies the group by the name "Kimba Fá" , given the success of this show.

Contact: kimbafa@gmail.com 

Website: www.teatrodelmilenio.com