The mission of The Afro-Peruvian Foundation for the Arts (APFA) is to educate audiences worldwide regarding Afro-Peruvian culture and art. Welcome!



Afro-Peruvian cultural expression permeates every sphere of life along the coast of Perú. The music, dance, culture and food produced by this aesthetic are an intrinsic part of every coastal Peruvian’s education and upbringing. The embodiment of the African Diaspora in Perú formulates the basis for a society that embraces Afro-descendant cultural expression. The Afro-Peruvian spirit contributes ubiquitously to the sense of national identity in Perú.



In an effort to enhance the understanding and collaboration between people of all ethnicities and traditions, APFA seeks to support educational and creative endeavors between artists residing in Perú and around the world. APFA currently curates educational travel opportunities for the public at large to learn about Afro-Peruvian arts both inside and outside of Perú. Student groups, community organizations and professionals traveling to Perú experience Peruvian cultural offerings first-hand. By engaging with the native population of Perú, and the Afro-Peruvian population more specifically, participants in APFA projects gain a perspective that can allow greater sensitivity back home.



We are currently preparing to launch our first capital campaign in order to provide infrastructure and establish a permanent presence in the United States. Please contact us if you are interested in participating and supporting our work!